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Biden announces $1.7 billion to support US EV factories
Tribes and conservationists work to save spearfishing from climate change
babylon climate impacts

Archeologists restore ancient Babylon using ancient mudbrick technique

In Iraq’s ancient Babylon, climate change has led to salty groundwater that is corroding some of humanity’s oldest monuments. Archeologists are using low-salt mudbricks made by a local artisan to preserve sites once considered one of the world’s wonders.
great barrier reef climate water marine ecosystems

Scientists try to restore climate change damage to Great Barrier Reef

Scientists studying coral reproduction in the Great Barrier Reef combine ancient knowledge with technology to tackle the effects of warming waters. Indigenous groups have a growing role in management of the reef and experts are seeing hope for regeneration.
jordan land degradation climate

Jordan: How one of the most water-scarce nations tackles desertification

In Jordan, one of the world's driest nations, local organizations are planting native species and working with herders to revitalize once fertile land. A U.N. report out Wednesday warns urgent action is needed worldwide to prevent further land degradation.
Climate change in Antarctica
NASA ICE/ Flickr

Climate change in Antarctica: Ice shelf collapse, stunning warmth

Antarctica holds mysteries with big implications for Earth’s environment. A recent ice breakup is just one sign of larger climate changes underway.
climate solutions energy

Natural gas bans: Can you slow global warming and still eat well?

With concerns over greenhouse gas emissions rising, some cities are banning natural gas in the kitchens of the future, and creating a policy dilemma: Can we slow global warming and still eat well?

tree rings climate
Photo by Joey Kyber on Unsplash

Tree tales: What tree rings can teach us about climate change

As COP26 made clear, action is needed to address climate change. But those actions must be well-informed, and tree rings can help with that.
united nations cop26 global warming

COP26 ends with only timid steps to slow global warming

The United Nations climate change conference known as COP26 will likely be remembered for its setbacks as much as for its successes in charting a course for humanity to avert catastrophic planetary warming later this century.