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rapid melting thwaites glacier
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Mexico City's water crisis deepens amid urban growth and climate change
Heavy rains spur mosquito surge in Houston with climate change worsening the issue
Hershey, EPA pollution control partnership

Hershey, EPA hope new pollution control partnership will be sweet success

Hershey is giving consumers a reason to feel less guilty about indulging in their chocolate passion.
feed supplements cow methane emissions

Promising feed supplements could squelch the belch in cows

You may have heard about this research challenge in recent years: Scientists are looking for ways to reduce the amount of methane that cows release into the air through burping.

dairy CAFO methane emissions biogas

A Texas dairy ranks among the state’s biggest methane emitters. but don’t ask the EPA or the state about it

An analysis by Inside Climate News, building on work by Climate TRACE, shows that tracking cattle emissions, site by site, is doable. But government databases specifically exempt agricultural operations from their greenhouse gas accounting.

green agriculture climate solutions

Biden’s climate science test: proving green ag program actually works

President Joe Biden's administration poured $3 billion into greening agriculture. Some climate advocates aren't convinced it will help.
New Zealand plans to tax agricultural emissions
Dave Young/Flickr

New Zealand plans to tax agricultural emissions, in world-first plan

New Zealand – dubbed the Saudi Arabia of milk for its dominant role in global dairy trade – wants its farmers to pay a world-first levy on agricultural emissions by 2025 to help reduce agriculture's climate footprint.
dairy CAFO charged in manure dumping

2,000-cow Kewaunee dairy operation charged with fraud, conspiracy in manure dumping

Complaint: A Kewaunee dairy farmer conspired with a trucker and agronomist to dump up to 3 million gallons of excess manure on saturated fields and submitted falsified records.
Vermont’s dairy farms pivot to new ideas amid climate change
Photo by Aditya Vyas on Unsplash

Vermont’s dairy farms pivot to new ideas amid climate change

Changing climate and other factors make Vermont staples like milk and maple syrup harder to produce, so a raft of new crops and farm businesses are popping up.