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Opinion: A vacation surprise - when a mosquito bite leads to dengue fever

Opinion: A vacation surprise - when a mosquito bite leads to dengue fever

In a personal recount, Dr. Deborah Heaney shares her unexpected battle with dengue fever following a vacation mosquito bite, highlighting the disease's surge in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Deborah Heaney writes for The New York Times.

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Dengue fever surges in Brazil, signals health risk for the Americas

In a significant health concern, Brazil faces a severe dengue fever outbreak, with the disease poised to spread throughout the Americas.

Stephanie Nolen reports for The New York Times.

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‘Deadliest outbreak ever seen’: Climate crisis fuels Bangladesh’s worst dengue epidemic

Mosquito-borne disease once largely limited to Dhaka spreads countrywide as higher rainfall and heat lead to fivefold rise in cases in a year, with children the hardest hit.

rising temps fuel dengue
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Millions infected with dengue as hotter temperatures cause virus to flare

Dengue is sweeping across the Western Hemisphere in numbers not seen since record-keeping began in 1980 as experts warn that rising temperatures and rapid urbanization are accelerating the pace of infections.
rising temperatures & Dengue fever

As temperatures rise, Dengue fever spreads and cases rise

With temperatures and rainfall increasing, the mosquitoes that carry dengue viruses are extending their range. More than 4.5 million cases have been reported this year, and global climate models project an additional 2 billion people could be at risk of infection by 2080.
bioengineered mosquitoes cut dengue rates

Dengue rates plunged after release of lab-altered mosquitoes

The world sees up to 100 million cases and 22,000 deaths due to dengue every year. Researchers may have found a way to cut those numbers significantly.
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What to know about dengue fever as cases spread to new places

Dengue, the excruciating mosquito-borne disease, is surging throughout the world and coming to places that had never had it. California just confirmed a rare U.S. case.