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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Florida may soon omit 'climate change' from state laws

Florida may soon omit 'climate change' from state laws

Florida is poised to remove references to climate change in state laws, focusing instead on energy affordability and security, a shift led by Governor Ron DeSantis.

Brendan Farrington reports for The Associated Press.

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DeSantis called for 'energy dominance' during White House run. His plan still is relevant to Floridians, who face intensifying climate impacts

Record heat and more damaging hurricanes leave some Floridians feeling their governor is ignoring the perils of a warming planet.
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In DeSantis' Fla., schools get OK for climate-denial videos

Florida’s Department of Education has approved the classroom use of material from the Prager University Foundation, a conservative group that produces videos that distort science, history, gender and other topics. Education experts call the videos dangerous propaganda.

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DeSantis dismisses climate change, calling it ‘politicisation of weather’

Ron DeSantis began a whirlwind media tour around the launch of his 2024 presidential campaign with an interview on Fox News on Wednesday evening when the governor outlined his misconceptions about climate change.

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Ron DeSantis is the same old Republican on climate issues

DeSantis represents a new, more reasonable-seeming climate candidate—but the denial is still there.
Op-Ed: The GOP revolt against Trump Is more serious than you think

Op-Ed: The GOP revolt against Trump Is more serious than you think

It’s not going to be like 2016 or 2021.
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Hurricane Ian proved why Ron DeSantis’s version of climate resilience is a disaster

As the sea level rises, the resilience projects Gov. Ron DeSantis touts will have to be replaced, made higher, built larger.