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Why a “fracking refugee” is attending the global plastics treaty negotiations
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
​Half of the world's plastic pollution can be traced back to 56 companies​
Houston's toxic petrochemical exports
Texas mineral rights racism dispute

A fight over mineral rights in Karnes County draws on Texas’ Jim Crow past

Descendants of a prominent white family and a formerly enslaved couple are fighting over ownership — and the oil and gas royalties that would come with it — of an 147.5-acre tract that has bound and divided generations of their families.
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Sacoby Wilson: White House climate and economic justice screening tool misses a key factor: Race

With the U.S. at increasing risk of climate-fueled disasters, we need to plan for future threats and incorporate a focus on equity, justice and resilience into our policies along with honesty about who bears the most disproportionate burden.

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Can this year’s U.N. meeting on gender equality make a difference on climate change?

Feminists and environmental activists the world over have continually expressed disappointment in the failure of the U.N. system to stop climate change—or acknowledge it as a human rights or gender equality issue.

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Care infrastructure is key to an equitable, green recovery from the Covid-19 crisis

As federal policymakers confront the parallel crises of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and racial injustice, a significant investment in our nation's care infrastructure - and the workforce and green jobs that power it—presents an urgent opportunity to address all three.

Carys Roberts: Making GDP the focus of a post-coronavirus economy would be a mistake

Carys Roberts: Making GDP the focus of a post-coronavirus economy would be a mistake

A new, green economy could create 1m jobs, says Carys Roberts, executive director of the IPPR.

Building a working economy

Dean Baker: Building an economy that works again

A practical blueprint for reform in the wake of the coronavirus shutdown.

Abandoned coal plants are a huge opportunity

Abandoned coal plants are a huge opportunity

They're big, solidly built and often on prime urban land. Now, they're being reborn as everything from charter schools to solar farms.