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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Editorial: Hydrogen isn’t clean if it adds to climate pollution. Biden’s rules are a good start

We can’t afford to squander tens of billions of federal climate funding on projects with questionable environmental effects.

industrial pollution
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Editorial: As the climate crisis deepens, high-polluting nations must start paying reparations

The wealthy countries that are most responsible for greenhouse gas pollution must compensate the poorer nations that bear the greatest burden.

Amazon rainforest protections editorial

Editorial: How to help protect the Amazon rainforest

People don’t just need to be encouraged to chop down the forest less. They also need to be encouraged to save what is left.
Recycling our plastic problem
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Editorial: Recycling our plastic problem

The long-term solution to plastic pollution will be to switch to reuse and refill systems.

Pittsburgh hydrogen hub snub

Editorial: Don't sweat hydrogen hub snub

While it’s never good to miss out on a billion dollars in federal grants, it’s unlikely being passed over for “hydrogen hub” designation will seriously hurt southwestern Pennsylvania’s economy.

uaw & ev transition negotiations

Editorial: Settle the UAW strike before it crashes the EV revolution

Striking autoworkers have made their point: The transition to electric vehicles has to take the labor force’s interests into account. Now it’s time to settle.
Single-use plastics manufacturing
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Editorial: Single-use plastics manufacturing shouldn't be subsidized.

The possibility of toxic fumes and the certainty of more plastic pollution are among the reasons Lockport should not subsidize SRI CV, a plastics company, especially given New York's environmental agenda.