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Electric air taxis
Mark Gillow/Flickr

Are electric air taxis ready for takeoff? Maybe sooner than you think

Electric air taxis are getting more attention as cutting emissions becomes a global priority. And the aviation industry says they could be ready for takeoff sooner than you think.
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Beta Technologies

An electric aircraft just flew from New York to Arkansas

Made by Beta Technologies, the aircraft is called Alia. The electric flying machine stopped seven times during its multi-day journey westward.
electric passenger planes

How short-haul Arctic air routes could help electric passenger planes get off the ground

Low-demand, short-haul routes in the North are ideal candidates for the rollout of the first generation of electric passenger airplanes, but their full adoption will be determined by infrastructure and investment.

electric aviation industry

How eBeaver and the electric aviation industry will replace today’s fossil-fuel-powered commercial airliners

The quest of electric-aircraft developers worldwide is to create zero-emission aircraft fleets for short-haul flights, which make up almost half of the industry total.

Finnair: Cold weather perfect for electric aviation

Cold weather perfect to pioneer electric aviation says Finnair and signs intention to purchase 20 battery planes

The Swedish-developed 19-seater ES-19 electric aircraft for short-haul routes could be ready for take-off with passengers by 2026.