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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Recession resilient’ climate start-ups shine

‘Recession resilient’ climate start-ups shine in tech downturn

Tech workers and investors are flocking to start-ups that aim to combat climate change.
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Pittsburgh selects sustainable startups among a new crop of innovative businesses

One startup helps companies provide “green” benefits for their employees, another provides mobile air pollution sensors and a third targets food waste.

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University of Utah launching climate science and policy center

The Wilkes Center for Climate Science and Policy, to be led by world-renowned climate scientist William Anderegg, will promote research, study effective public policies and propose entrepreneurial business solutions to curb and combat the threats that climate change poses to human and environmental health.Wilkes Center for Climate Science and Policy at the University of Utah.

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Bill Nye: The best way to fight climate change is by voting

The best way to save the planet isn’t necessarily recycling – it’s stepping into a voting booth. That’s according to celebrity science educator Bill Nye.

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Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

How this company is making spaceflight greener with biofuels

Billions of dollars of investment capital are poured into spaceflight creating greater demand for rockets and in turn an increase in pollution. bluShift Aerospace is looking to be part of the solution by manufacturing bio-derived fuel-based rockets.
Google CEO: 'Bar none' climate is young people's top concern

Google CEO: 'Bar none' climate is young people's top concern

Google's dedicated "sustainability" landing page is where the tech giant outlines its goals to combat climate change — like being carbon free by 2030 — and shows status reports on its environmental efforts, such as making a "hyperlocal" air quality map.

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Bill Gates: ‘Be open to ideas that seem wild’ to fight climate change

Bill Gates believes that future generations will need to be open-minded when it comes to accepting new technologies aimed at combating climate change.