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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Hurricane Beryl Cat 5 destruction
Coral reefs that protect Caribbean islands from hurricanes are rapidly declining
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Impact of climate change on Indigenous communities documented in global study

Impact of climate change on Indigenous communities documented in global study

Indigenous and local communities' firsthand experiences with climate change are vividly detailed in a new extensive study.

Sonam Lama Hyolmo reports for Mongabay.

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peruvian amazon oil spills water
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Peruvian Amazon: Wounds remain after 50 years of oil spills on Achuar land

Achuar Indigenous people from the community of José Olaya live near sites impacted by oil-related activity in and around their territory. According to reports by Peru’s environmental authority, toxic metals like cadmium, arsenic and lead have been detected in the area.

chile climate peru drought rain mudslides
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How will climate change affect Latin America? Scientists respond to IPCC report

In the first three months of 2023, Latin America has witnessed a prolonged drought and destructive forest fires in Chile, intense rains and floods in Brazil that left more than 60 dead and Cyclone Yaku and heavy rains and mudslides in Peru, among other extreme events that experts say are becoming more frequent and severe due to global warming.

Indigenous activist and Goldman winner Alessandra Munduruku
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‘I’ll keep fighting’: Indigenous activist and Goldman winner Alessandra Munduruku

In an interview with Mongabay, Alessandra discusses what the prize means to her, the policy changes in Brazil, and the current crisis in the Munduruku territory.
Floating solar photovoltaics
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Floating solar project on Philippines natural lake brings hope — and questions

Laguna Lake in the Philippines is home to a pilot project for a floating solar photovoltaic (FPV) installation that could provide energy to surrounding communities as the country faces pressure to transition away from fossil fuels.

Indonesia sustainable farming
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Study: Women, youths can be more effective at driving sustainable farming changes

A study in a farming community on Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island shows that women and younger farmers can be more influential than older men in persuading peers to adopt new technologies and practices.

Brazil Indigenous land rights
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Where Indigenous land rights prevail in Brazil, so does nature, study finds

A study that looked at changes in forest cover in 129 Indigenous territories in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest between 1995 and 2016 has found that deforestation rates were lower and reforestation rates higher in those where land tenure had been formalized.