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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
UN proposes fossil fuel ad ban
Oceans under threat from heating, deoxygenation, and acidification
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How evangelicals moved from supporting environmental stewardship to climate skepticism

It was in the 1990s that the idea of Christian environmental stewardship disappeared from the rhetoric of the religious right, paving the way for the anti-environmental position it holds today.
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Are end times upon us? Nearly half of all US Christians think so

With global crises mounting, 47% of US Christian adults think that the end times are here, though whether Jesus Christ will return in their lifetime is still debated, according to Pew.
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On climate change, younger US evangelicals more concerned than older ones

Evangelical Protestant adults under 40 are more likely than older evangelicals to say climate change is an extremely or very serious problem.
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Poll: Religious Americans less worried about climate change

Highly religious Americans — those who pray daily, regularly attend religious services and consider religion crucial in their lives — are far less likely than other U.S. adults to express concern about global warming.

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Evangelicals release climate change report, say Bible demands action

The National Association of Evangelicals has unveiled a sweeping report on global climate change, laying out what its authors call the “biblical basis” for environmental activism to help spur fellow evangelicals to address the planetary crisis.

An evangelical climate scientist wonders what went wrong

An evangelical climate scientist wonders what went wrong

Katharine Hayhoe doesn’t see the love in many of her fellow Christians. She still has hope we can all do better.
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Could prayer make people take climate change seriously?

"We have to take action if we're going to feel hopeful." As COP26 continues, evangelical Christians across the globe are holding a candlelight vigil in hope of swaying humanity to save itself.