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Rising Atlantic sea levels
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
2024 Goldman Environmental Prize
Trump's potential impact on climate policy
norway oil drilling fossil fuels
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Norway under pressure to scale back fossil fuel expansion plans

The Norwegian government is facing growing pressure to scale back its huge global fossil fuel expansion plans – including the development of a controversial new oilfield in the North Sea.

flooded field farming climate drought
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These farmers recharged groundwater by catching atmospheric rivers

After years of drought and dozens of recent atmospheric rivers, Central California farmers have revived an old practice: intentionally flooding fields for deep irrigation and restoration of underground aquifers.
plant pandemics climate conflict

Plant pandemics threatening global food supplies, scientists warn

Climate change, globalisation and armed conflict are facilitating the spread of plant pandemics and threatening the production of food on which billions rely, scientists have said.

wheat prices ukraine food

What drives the price of wheat, beyond war in Ukraine

The price of wheat has fallen sharply from its peak after one major producer, Russia, invaded another, Ukraine. But that hasn’t ended fears of a global hunger crisis.

Ford splits into electric and gas divisions to speed up transition

Ford splits into electric and gas divisions to speed up transition

E.V. operations will focus on technology and growth while the traditional business continues to chase profits. “You can’t have people work on both at the same time,” the chief executive said.
green ammonia fertilizer climate
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From fertilizer to fuel: Can ‘green’ ammonia be a climate fix?

Ammonia has been widely used as a fertilizer for the last century. Now, using renewable energy and a new method for making ammonia, researchers and entrepreneurs believe "green" ammonia can become a significant clean fuel source for generating electricity and powering ships.
For farmland conservation, it comes down to who owns it

For farmland conservation, it comes down to who owns it

Conservation practices mean more up-front costs. And while there are some government conservation incentive programs, most of them involve long-term commitments. The vast majority of farmland leases are year-to-year.