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carbon capture
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
GOP convention ignores climate change as heat crisis worsens
Activists meet with Canadian official to discuss concerns about Line 5 pipeline

Activists meet with Canadian official to discuss concerns about Line 5 pipeline

Activists have called on a Canadian consular official to close the Line 5 oil pipeline, citing environmental and Indigenous rights concerns.

Jon King reports for the Michigan Advance.

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mining equipment
Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash

Ontario First Nations call for pause on mining claims

Thousands of online mining claims are being made on the territories of First Nations without their consent — and often they aren’t even told about it.

Australian Climate Case

Australian Climate Case resumes in Melbourne Federal Court as experts say Torres Strait may become 'unlivable' without action

Legal and climate experts liken rising sea levels and climate harms to “colonisation” as proceedings for the Australian Climate Case resume. 
fighting invasive plants with traditional food

Nipissing First Nation is fighting invasive plants with traditional food

Reversing environmental damage can mean counting moose poop, increasing oxygen in Lake Nipissing and ‘being more in tune with our lands here, in addition to also doing some really good science.’

Siksika Nation Alberta shelterbelts

This First Nation in Alberta is fighting climate change with rows and rows of trees

Siksika Nation will see shelterbelts planted throughout the community, which are rows of trees planted on the perimeter of properties, or along roads. Shelterbelts serve many purposes, including being a natural wind barrier, and capturing moisture in the soil.
Alaska Caribou
Image by rusty Mills from Pixabay

First Nations fight to bring traditional foods back to the table

Skeena River sockeye have declined 75% since 1913. Woodland caribou have declined by more than half in the past century. But with the right resources, First Nations are bringing ancestral foods back from the brink.

Imperial Oil oilsands spill

Kearl oilsands spill: Alberta officials did no wrong, report says

Nearby Indigenous communities were not notified of Imperial Oil’s months-long Kearl oilsands leak. First Nations say the energy regulator is ‘not blameless’ despite a new report finding it did no wrong.