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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
biodiversity resilience
Image by John French from Pixabay

A quarter of freshwater fish are at risk of extinction, a new assessment finds

A global update from the leading authority on the status of species shows that climate change is compounding other threats to plants and animals.
potomac river
Photo by Sara Cottle on Unsplash

The winners and losers of a changing Potomac River

If we want to understand how a changing climate is impacting the Potomac River, researchers think we should look to the people, the drinking water supply — and the fish.
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The unsung heroes fighting against climate change? Fish in the 'twilight zone'

Fish are responsible for capturing billions of tons of carbon dioxide each year. NPR's Ayesha Rascoe speaks with Ken Buesseler of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute about how they do it.
All the fish we cannot see
Photo by Matt Alaniz on Unsplash

All the fish we cannot see

In a dark, unexplored layer of ocean, a hidden cache of fish might play an unexpected role in our climate’s future. It seems like a bad time for a new fishery.
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In warming Great Lakes, climate triage means some cold waters won’t be saved

Government officials begin the grim task of prioritizing which cold lakes and rivers to sacrifice — or save — as the climate changes. Not all cold-water loving fish may survive in the northern Great Lakes region.
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Being vegetarian might be partly in your genes

Eating plant-based is good for the environment. But it might be easier for some people than others.

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Watch: Should we tear down dams, or use hydropower to fight climate change?

Hydropower from dams is the primary source of clean energy in Idaho, whose major power company has pledged 100% clean energy by 2045. But when dams threaten natural rivers and fish, can hydropower really count as clean?