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California salmon stocks are crashing
USFWS Pacific Southwest/Flickr

California salmon stocks are crashing. A fishing ban looks certain.

Scientists say alarming declines at the southern end of the fishes’ range may be a sign of what’s to come as waters warm farther north.
Fish kills in Kenya’s Lake Victoria

Fish kills leave Kenya’s Lake Victoria farmers at a loss, seeking answers

Scientists attribute the fish kills to reduced levels of dissolved oxygen likely due to a natural phenomenon called upwelling, which can be exacerbated by climate change and extreme weather.

sustainable fishing & aquaculture

Tech companies work to make fishing, aquaculture more sustainable

With the rapidly increasing global population underscoring the need to source protein more sustainably, experts say it’s urgent to find ways to make fishing less damaging and more productive.

More harmful algal blooms expected

More harmful algal blooms expected, warns UN report

The world is on alert for microscopic sea-dwelling algae that can multiply and smother the seas, causing swathes of the ocean to change colour and thousands of dead fish to bob on the surface.

qatar fishing climate
Photo by Rowen Smith on Unsplash

Qatar expands fish farming as climate change affects sea stocks

Qatar plans to expand fish farming to meet growing demand for fresh fish in local markets and maintain stocks in offshore Gulf waters in the face of devastating climate change.
vegetarian salmon biodiversity

Why that salmon on your plate might have been a vegetarian

Pescatarians take note: Farmed fish are eating more veggies and less wild fish, according to new research. That’s good news for nature.