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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
UN calls for stronger protections for Indigenous rights and against exploitative green projects
Many journalists covering climate crisis face threats and violence
hoopa tribe water trinity river salmon
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Hoopa Tribal member fights to save California’s Trinity River and its salmon

For 19-year-old Danielle Frank, California’s Trinity River is a cultural lifeline. “We are water people. We are river people,” she says. “And we believe that when our river drains and there is no more water left, we will no longer be here.”

Iowa groundwater aquifer management
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Iowa water utility near dried-up river pushes back against restrictions

A rural water utility in northwest Iowa says it is not responsible for the Ocheyedan River going dry last year amid drought conditions.
toxic floodwaters hypoxic fish kills

Native fish suffocating as parts of Murray-Darling Basin turn toxic from unprecedented floodwaters

The unprecedented floodwaters have led to the highest water flows in years across the Murray-Darling basin, yet native fish are dying — and the situation is expected to worsen.
Big Pharma is flooding Puerto Rico with toxic waste

Big Pharma is flooding Puerto Rico with toxic waste

Dead livestock, cancer, arsenic in your water—that'll be $100 billion in tax breaks, please.
Could the drying up of Europe's great rivers be the new normal?

Could the drying up of Europe's great rivers be the new normal?

From the Danube to the Loire, Europe’s prime rivers — lifelines for the continent’s economy — are running low after a brutal five-month drought. After years of dry weather, scientists are warning that low-water conditions could become the norm in Europe as the climate changes.
BC coal mine pollution

Federal watchdog urged to investigate B.C. Elk Valley coal mine pollution

Report from the University of Victoria’s Environmental Law Centre says new proposed mines could further poison waterways and wipe out species at risk