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marine protected conservation areas

Not MPAs but OECMs: Can a new designation help conserve the ocean?

Countries are now working to identify areas that meet the criteria and register them as “other effective area-based conservation measures,” or OECMs, including in Africa where a recent webinar highlighted the promises and pitfalls of this relatively new conservation designation.

South Africa’s penguins heading toward extinction

South Africa’s penguins heading toward extinction; will no-fishing zones help?

With just 10,000 breeding pairs left, the endangered African penguin (Spheniscus demersus) could be extinct in the wild by 2035 if the current rate of population decline continues.

baja marine life protections

A new ocean preserve could save the waters off Baja

Environmental campaigners are working to protect this stunning marine life in Baja California.
salmon decline alaskan fishing policy
Photo by Drew Farwell on Unsplash

Facing a plunge in salmon numbers in the Kuskokwim and Yukon Rivers, Alaskans seek a voice in fishing policy

Rising temperatures and commercial trawling in the Bering Sea are making it harder for salmon to survive and swim back upriver. The reverberations are both cultural and economic.

Saving forests to protect coastal ecosystems in Japan
Photo by Ryo Yoshitake on Unsplash

Saving forests to protect coastal ecosystems: Japan sets historic example

Reliant on its fisheries, Japan has long known the importance of maintaining healthy forest watersheds so as to protect coastal fisheries. It’s a lesson other nations could benefit from as the global environmental crisis worsens.
California salmon fishing imperiled by drought
USFWS Pacific Southwest/Flickr/Public Domain

Salmon fishing season canceled off of California

Regulators are canceling next year’s Chinook salmon catch to allow the population to recover. It comes after years of drought in California.
California salmon stocks are crashing
USFWS Pacific Southwest/Flickr

California salmon stocks are crashing. A fishing ban looks certain.

Scientists say alarming declines at the southern end of the fishes’ range may be a sign of what’s to come as waters warm farther north.