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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Europe's green transition to persistently boost inflation, ECB's Schnabel says

Europe’s effort to wean its economy off Russian gas is likely to be a persistent boost to inflation even beyond the current spike, European Central Bank board member Isabel Schnabel says.

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U.S., UAE lead $4-billion effort to help farming adapt to climate change

The United States and the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday used COP26 climate talks to launch efforts to channel funding into making agriculture resilient to climate change, as well as to cut its emissions.

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Southern European banks set for climate hit, ECB study shows

Banks in southern Europe are set to be among the hardest hit if climate change is not mitigated as their clients are most exposed to natural hazards such as wildfires, a European Central Bank study shows.

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Only quick shift to 'net zero' emissions will boost GDP: Report

Cutting planet-warming emissions to "net zero" by 2050 could lift growth and employment but would require an inflation-boosting $160 per tonne carbon price by the end of the decade, an umbrella group of the world's top central banks say.

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Italy to keep issuing green bonds, says economy minister

Economy Minister Daniele Franco said on Tuesday that Italy would continue to issue bonds to raise income for policies to fight climate change and to raise awareness about the importance of the issue.
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Bank of England told to stop buying 'high carbon' bonds

A group of British members of parliament say that the Bank of England should stop buying bonds from businesses whose activities accelerate global warming.

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Trade feuds will take on a new, green hue

Trade feuds will take on a different hue after the departure of Donald Trump. Slapping tariffs on countries out of the blue isn’t U.S. President-elect Joe Biden’s style. But his determination to fight climate change could emerge as a new source of commerce tensions.