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2023 record-breaking global heat
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Insurance woes increase as climate change impacts profitability
forest sensors
scaliger/Big Stock Photo

How much can forests fight climate change? A sensor in space has answers

A new NASA program is helping researchers more accurately calculate how much planet-warming carbon protected areas are storing. It’s a lot.
climate alberta burned forest
Image by Anna Persson from Pixabay

Climate change could mean Alberta cuts more fire-killed trees for timber

Since 2016, Alberta has harvested approximately 20 million cubic metres of timber each year, which is enough to fill 8,000 Olympic swimming pools, but the proportion of that from salvaged logging can vary, according to data from the Alberta government.

maui forests climate wildfires
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Could whacking some trees cut fire risk and help Maui in other ways?

While arborists warn about excessive felling of trees, Hawaii is thick with non-native species that could be thinned to restore the land.
Mark Ruffalo climate crisis amazon

Mark Ruffalo: Look at the crisis in the Amazon and understand the stakes; we’re battling for life itself

At this week’s Amazon summit, the world must stand with Indigenous peoples – and demand protection for the rainforest.

bark beetles climate harz forest
Photo by Andreas Kind on Unsplash

Bark beetles are eating through Germany's Harz forest. Climate change is making matters worse

Tiny bark beetles have been causing havoc in Germany's Harz mountains, eating away at trees and killing off swaths of the spruce population by hampering their ability to take in nutrients.
guyana carbon offsets climate

As Guyana shows, carbon offsets will not save the Amazon rainforest

With all their flaws, carbon offsets are not the solution to deforestation of the Amazon rainforest - leaders should acknowledge that.

Roger Worthington forest logging climate

Roger Worthington: I pledged $1 million to plant new trees. My money could have been better spent

Our elected officials can show us that they are serious about doing their part to slow climate change by protecting our beloved shade-giving, carbon-sequestering, wildfire resistant, watershed-stabilizing and wildlife-enhancing mature and older trees.