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drought killing California forests
David Fulmer/Flickr

More than 36 million trees died in California last year. Blame drought.

A new report found almost triple the number of trees died last year than the year before.
California’s trees keep dying as temperatures rise
Dan Brekke/Flickr

In a warming world, California’s trees keep dying

That could doom the state’s plan to fight climate change with the help of nature.
saving Italy's dying olive trees with dogs

The plan to save Italy's dying olive trees with dogs

A deadly and hard-to-detect disease has been ravaging the treasured olive trees of southern Italy for 10 years. A highly trained squad of super-sniffer dogs could save them.
California’s forests are dying - Drought, fires and beetles

Drought, fires and beetles — California’s forests are dying. Is it too late to save them?

With increasing heat and drought across the West, one of the largest tree die-offs in modern California history reached new heights last year and, in combination with wildfires, has left much of the state’s once sprawling green forests browned, blackened and in critically dire shape.

drought leaving mark on New Mexico
Jim Germond

Water official tells Senate panel drought leaving mark on N.M.

A first draft of a 50-year water plan will focus on recommendations for improving watershed systems.
climate change is pushing up lumber prices

Why climate change is pushing up lumber prices

“This is a supply-side problem. This is unlike any other market that any of us lumber traders have ever experienced.”
 regional warming and drying trend in West
Jim Germond

The West sizzled in a November heat wave and snow drought

A regional warming and drying trend continues to intensify concerns about water and energy security.