forest mismanagement

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permafrost melt orange rivers
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Big Oil bankrolling Trump
Heat waves threaten power grid stability with potential blackouts
Old-growth logging persists in B.C.

Old-growth still cut years after B.C. promised protections: advocates

The province promised to implement more than a dozen recommendations made by an independent review. Some worry change for the old forests home to at-risk species hasn’t come fast enough
frontlines of BC’s drought

Scarce water: on the frontlines of BC’s drought

New rules that were supposed to manage water use aren’t working, say advocates.
Indigenous clear-cut logging

A First Nation’s aggressive logging has some members ‘heartbroken’

The McLeod Lake Indian Band clearcut almost all its northern BC treaty lands, leaving lots of stumps and questions. A special report.
Canada's new pulp-and-paper powerhouse

Who's behind Canada's new pulp-and-paper powerhouse, and where's the money coming from?

Paper Excellence bills itself as a proud player rejuvenating a troubled industry in an environmentally responsible way, but leaked emails and insider accounts reveal a company which may not be what it seems. 
BC's super-sized sawmills killed jobs

How monster mills ate BC’s timber jobs

The go-big era crushed local employers. Now Houston’s super-sized sawmill, like others, is closing. Who’s innovating a better path?
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'green' firms driving deforestation

Deforestation Inc.: How 'green' firms prevent climate action

A new 9-month long cross-border investigation exposes the flaws of “green” forestry labels. Environmental auditors overlook harm by “sustainable" companies, hindering climate efforts.
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Europe is sacrificing its ancient forests for energy

Europe is sacrificing its ancient forests for energy

Governments bet billions on burning timber for green power. The Times went deep into one of the continent’s oldest woodlands to track the hidden cost.