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Many journalists covering climate crisis face threats and violence
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How much can trees fight climate change? Massively, but not alone

The research, which comes with important caveats, was partly an effort to address the scientific uproar surrounding an earlier paper.
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Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

Why tree-planting schemes aren’t a silver bullet

Numerous global reforestation efforts are underway, but research suggests getting long-term benefits is harder than it looks, and some projects can do more harm than good.
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Meet the mice who make the forest

Scientists are unearthing a quiet truth about the woods: Where trees grow, or don’t, depends in part on the quirky decisions of small mammals.
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Climate change and forest restoration in the U.S. Southwest

Climate change and forest restoration in the U.S. Southwest

After megafires in the region, some forest systems may never return to their pre-fire conditions. Now, ecologists are redefining how forest ecosystems might be restored in a way that increases resiliency.

NC high-elevation forest habitat islands

Lose the red spruce, lose an entire suite of species

Tiny endangered droplets of high-elevation forest are home to one of richest areas of biodiversity in North America. Western NC conservation efforts seek to connect this archipelago of habitat islands with ecological bridges.
Tree-planting projects abound. Which should you support?

Tree-planting projects abound. Which should you support?

So you want to contribute to a mass tree planting campaign to combat climate change. Where can your money do the most good?

climate change and deforestation drive landslides
Adam Cohn/ Flickr

In landslide-prone Colombia, forests can serve as an inexpensive shield

Scientists say that climate change and high deforestation rates will worsen the severity of landslides across Colombia.