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Wood pellets threaten BC’s last inland rainforests
Sam Beebe/ Flickr

Burning Up: The Controversial biofuel threatening BC’s last inland rainforests

The wood-pellet industry is booming. Will it push old-growth ecosystems to the brink?
Drones may help replant forests

Drones may help replant forests—if enough seeds take root

A handful of companies are pursuing airborne seeding, but there’s little evidence so far that the tactic will succeed.
forestry herbicide glyphosate

Jim Irving says glyphosate ban would be 'disastrous'

New Brunswick’s largest forestry company and its wealthy owners have urged members of the provincial legislature to not give in to what they call “misinformation” about the herbicide glyphosate.
Forest Service Chief Randy Moore

Why Forest Service Chief Randy Moore has hope for America’s forests

Moore, who has been with the Forest Service for 43 years, the last 14 of them in California, seems sanguine about the future of forests and fire-prone towns — if Congress passes an infrastructure package with funding for fire prevention work.

California fires are burning at higher elevations

California fires are burning at higher elevations than ever, creating new dangers

Just hours before the Caldor fire threatened to level the resort town of South Lake Tahoe, the massive blaze performed a staggering feat: burning from one side of the Sierra to the other.

old-growth clearcut logging

Gerry Warner: BC’s cynical attack on old-growth forests

John Horgan’s alliance with corporate and union logging interests is stalling protection for remaining ancient trees.