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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Hurricane Beryl Cat 5 destruction
Coral reefs that protect Caribbean islands from hurricanes are rapidly declining
Investing in nature's intrinsic value

Investing in nature's intrinsic value

Imagine a market where nature's preservation, not destruction, is profitable.

Lydia DePillis reports for The New York Times.

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Amazon drought was caused by climate change
Photo by bill wegener on Unsplash

Amazon drought was caused by climate change

The world’s largest river and rainforest was parched by extreme temperatures last year that would have been highly unlikely without climate change, scientists said.
michael grunwald climate energy
Image by Greg Larcombe from Pixabay

Michael Grunwald: The climate solution that’s horrible for the climate

Corn ethanol and soy biodiesel accelerate food inflation and global hunger, but they’re also a disaster for the climate and the environment.
Menominee tribe logging wisconsin
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The giving forest, and a tribe’s sustainable logging practices

The Menominee tribe has sustainably logged its forest in Wisconsin for 160 years. But that careful balance faces a crisis: too many trees and too few loggers.
deforestation in Brazil
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Biden to pledge $500 million to stop deforestation in Brazil

The promise to help Brazil protect the Amazon must be approved by Congress, where Republicans are opposed to foreign climate aid.
Michelle Nijhuis: Those adorable endangered creatures are not the point
Photo by Ahmed Galal on Unsplash

Michelle Nijhuis: Those adorable endangered creatures are not the point

We treat conservation as an altruistic pursuit — a special interest championed by a passionate few — but it’s also a selfish cause.
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Animals Are Running Out of Places to Live

Wildlife is disappearing around the world, in the oceans and on land. The main cause on land is perhaps the most straightforward: Humans are taking over too much of the planet, erasing what was there before. Climate change and other pressures make survival harder.