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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Shaprio Pennsylvania carbon capture
fashion industry’s plastic waste
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AOC admits 'massive' scale of Green New Deal, says climate change will be even worse

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez acknowledged the "massive" scale of the Green New Deal on Sunday, but argued the threat of climate change is even greater.
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Spain springtime wildfires more ferocious than previous years due to climate change, according to EU officials

In his more than a decade battling wildfires, firefighter Manuel Rubio had never seen a blaze like the one that raged for the past week in eastern Spain. Not this early in the year.

miami climate flooding Francis Suarez

Miami mayor hits back at climate ideologues who spelled doom for city: 'I'm fired up' about this

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez dismissed doom-and-gloom claims that investors should turn away from Miami because climate change could immerse the city in ocean water.
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Incoming Dem whip Clark recalls child ‘waking up with nightmares’ over climate change

Incoming House Democratic Whip Katherine Clark said her generation could bring a new perspective to Congress because her kids grew up being scared about climate change and gun violence.
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EPA wants your help spending $13B on ‘environmental justice,’ climate crisis

The Environmental Protection Agency is asking for public input on how it should spend more than $13 billion from the Inflation Reduction Act on fighting the "climate crisis" and advancing "environmental justice."

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‘Don't Look Up’ director donates $4 million to fight climate change

Movie director Adam McKay plans to announce a $4 million donation to the Climate Emergency Fund, an organization dedicated to getting money into the hands of activists engaged in disruptive demonstrations urging swifter, more aggressive climate action.

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'The View' hosts slam Joe Manchin on climate change: 'They're waiting for the Eiffel Tower to melt'

"The View" hosts criticized Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., on Tuesday after reports said that he would not consider the White House's climate and tax increase provisions in the Democratic spending bill. Co-host Joy Behar said at the end of the segment that it was as if lawmakers such as Manchin were "waiting for the Eiffel Tower to melt."