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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Big Oil bankrolling Trump
Heat waves threaten power grid stability with potential blackouts
The elusive goal of separating economic growth from emissions
Credit: m./Unsplash

The elusive goal of separating economic growth from emissions

Economists debate the feasibility of economic growth without proportional increases in greenhouse emissions, presenting a challenging scenario for climate targets.

Akielly Hu and Joseph Winters report for Grist.

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china energy policies emissions climate

Confusion surrounds China’s energy policies as GDP and climate goals clash

China’s energy policies are fast creating a type of “emissions ambiguity”, as the twin goals of boosting GDP growth and reducing carbon emissions come into conflict.

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environment reflected in economic data

White House aims to reflect the environment in economic data

The Biden administration has set out to measure the economic value of ecosystems, offering new statistics to weigh in policy decisions.
cop27 agreement climate politics

COP27 negotiators still far apart on strong climate deal

Countries were far from agreeing the contours of a climate deal at the COP27 summit in Egypt on Wednesday, with the host country urging negotiators to resolve their differences ahead of a weekend deadline.
population growth 8 million climate
Image by Martin Redlin from Pixabay

What does a global population of 8 billion mean for the climate crisis?

The United Nations has said that population growth and GDP per capita remain the “strongest drivers” of greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels in the past decade.

climate economy is about to explode
Richard Peat/Flickr

Do we need degrowth? Can we save the climate while growing the economy?

There’s a common intuition that says we can either have a healthy climate, or a growing economy, but not both.

africa climate economy justice

Climate change will wipe off 64% of Africa's GDP

If nothing is done, Africa’s economic growth will be stunted by climate shocks, creating a poverty trap for millions of citizens.