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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Big Oil bankrolling Trump
Heat waves threaten power grid stability with potential blackouts
Far-right groups in Germany target climate policies

Far-right groups in Germany target climate policies

Amid concerns over the cost of climate initiatives, far-right political elements in Germany, including the Alternative for Germany (AfD), have intensified their attacks on green policies, attributing societal discontent to the economic implications of these environmental measures.

Ajit Niranjan reports for The Guardian.

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solar rooftop installation

Germany's solar panel makers face tough competition and policy challenges

In a rapidly evolving energy sector, Germany's solar panel manufacturers are navigating a competitive landscape shaped by low-priced Chinese imports and stringent U.S. trade policies, even as the demand for renewable energy sources surges.

Melissa Eddy reports for The New York Times.

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coal pollution
Photo by Mike Marrah on Unsplash

Germany’s emissions hit 70-year low as it reduces reliance on coal

A study by the thinktank Agora Energiewende found that Germany emitted 673m tonnes of greenhouse gases in 2023, 73m tonnes fewer than in 2022.

tractor plowing field

Farmers protest against a German government plan to cut tax breaks for diesel

German farmers are gathering in Berlin to protest against planned cuts to tax breaks for diesel used in agriculture, part of a deal reached by the government to plug a hole in the country’s budget.
reichstag berlin
Photo by hoch3media on Unsplash

The trials of Robert Habeck: Is the world’s most powerful green politician doomed to fail?

Podcast: A year ago, Germany’s vice-chancellor was one of the country’s best-liked public figures. Then came the tabloid-driven backlash. Now he has to win the argument all over again.

heat pump
Image by HarmvdB from Pixabay

How the far right weaponized heat pumps

When they write the book on the downfall of liberal democracy, will it begin with the heat pumps?

german lithium mining energy
Photo by Angel Barnes on Unsplash

The east German town at the centre of the new ‘gold rush’ … for lithium

It has been called the new gold rush – a rush to catch up with China in producing and refining the materials needed in everything from computers to cars: but has it come too late to save Europe’s car industry?