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Investment in clean energy to overtake fossil fuel spending in 2024
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
UN calls for stronger protections for Indigenous rights and against exploitative green projects
Many journalists covering climate crisis face threats and violence
Gas flaring energy fossil fuels nigeria
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How the gas flares in Nigeria are fuelling a health crisis

Tom Brown and Christina Last write about Nigeria’s oil-rich south, where companies are burning off so much excess gas it's enough to power the whole of sub-Saharan Africa.

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infectious disease climate impacts

Francesco Branda: Is climate change causing a resurgence in infectious diseases?

The clock is ticking to restore our relationship with nature to one that is mutually beneficial, not detrimental to our existence.

india flooding climate
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How climate change is ending sporting dreams in India

The effects of India’s catastrophic floods, which have intensified in recent years as a consequence of climate change, go far beyond material loss.

modern slavery covid conflict climate

Fifty million trapped in modern slavery as Covid, conflict and climate change drive surge

According to the International Labour Organization, compounding crises including the coronavirus pandemic, climate change and conflict have heightened the risk of modern slavery, and experts are concerned the mounting cost of living could worsen the problem.

dengue fever climate

Dengue fever cases rocket in Singapore as experts blame climate change for high mosquito numbers

As the last Covid-19 curbs are lifted, Singaporeans are facing another infectious disease emergency – dengue fever.

climate displacement & climate refugees

What makes a ‘refugee’? It could be a life-or-death question in the climate crisis

A new analysis by the Environmental Justice Foundation says that international laws covering refugee protection are too narrow for the climate crisis.

human trafficking sex slavery climate covid-19
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Twin crises of coronavirus and climate change put girls in India at risk of trafficking 

Activists fear that thousands of women and girls in the Sundarbans region may be at increased risk of human trafficking in the coming months.