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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Green policies and the rise of the far right in Europe

Green policies and the rise of the far right in Europe

A new study reveals a growing backlash in Europe against green policies, which is driving voters toward far-right political parties.

Shannon Osaka reports for The Washington Post.

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The complex implications of Earth's increasing greenery

The complex implications of Earth's increasing greenery

The planet is experiencing a significant increase in green vegetation, but this trend may not be as positive as it seems.

Benji Jones reports for Vox.

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Floating factories of artificial leaves could make green fuel for jets and ships

Cambridge University scientists develop a device to ‘defossilise’ the economy using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide.

ocean water
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The oceans are getting greener, remote sensing reveals

Satellite images have confirmed that the world’s oceans have become slightly greener. Scientists suspect climate change is the reason.

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U.S. housing crisis thwarts recruitment for nature-based infrastructure projects

Even when the funding is lined up for green restoration efforts in northern Wisconsin, a lack of affordable housing makes it hard to attract workers and get started.

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Some oceans are becoming greener thanks to climate change

More than half of the world’s ocean has changed colors in the past 20 years, a phenomenon that is likely driven by climate change, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature.

airbnb green upgrades
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Airbnb will chip in for its hosts' green upgrades

People using Airbnb to book their Berkshires fall foliage getaway or summer escape to Cape Cod may arrive at a rental property that’s part of a new campaign to support hosts greening their homes.