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Photo by Tina Rolf on Unsplash

Greenland’s ice shelves hold back sea level rise. There are just 5 left

Greenland’s floating ice platforms — which hold back trillions of tons of ice that could cause sea level rise — are in stark decline, according to a new study.
Greenland ice cores highlight ice sheet's vulnerability

From an ancient soil sample, clues to an ice sheet’s future

A rediscovered sample of frozen sediment, collected more than 50 years ago, highlights the vulnerability of Greenland’s ice sheet to a warming climate.
Greenland temperature surge heat wave

Greenland temperatures surge up to 50 degrees above normal, setting records

The record-breaking warmth is raising concerns about melting summer ice.
Failure to slow warming will set off climate 'tipping points,'' scientists say

Failure to slow warming will set off climate 'tipping points,'' scientists say

As global warming passes certain limits, dire changes will probably become irreversible, the researchers said, including the loss of polar ice sheets and the death of coral reefs.
Greenland climate tipping points

Climate change is pushing Greenland over the edge

New data from Greenland shows that modern warming is outpacing even historically warm eras like the Medieval Warm Period.
Climate-driven changes in the Arctic are interconnected

Climate-driven changes in the Arctic are interconnected, says 2020 annual report card

The Arctic continued a streak of record or near-record climate events over the past year, said an annual report issued Tuesday.