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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Credit: Wendy Miller/Flickr

New studies reveal genetic adaptations in California birds

Two studies reveal how genetic changes in bird populations in California respond to environmental threats, highlighting the potential for adaptation and the risks of genetic dilution.

Rebecca Heisman reports for The Revelator.

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Hawaii wildfire impacts coral reefs
Credit: State Farm/Flickr

Hawaii faces an unprecedented challenge as wildfire impacts coral reefs

In the wake of the Lahaina wildfire, scientists and locals grapple with the potential toxic runoff into Maui's coral ecosystems. Audrey McAvoy reports for the Associated Press.

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Louisiana's coastal wetlands drowning
Credit: Water Alternatives Photos/Flickr

Louisiana's coastal wetlands face critical threat from rising sea levels

A recent study highlights the perilous state of Louisiana's coastal wetlands, with a majority facing "drowning" due to unprecedented sea level rise, posing significant risks to the region's natural defenses and ecosystem.

Brady Dennis and Chris Mooney report for The Washington Post.

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Migratory species face global decline
Credit: Victoria Pickering/Flickr

Migratory species face a global decline, UN warns

Nearly half of the world's migratory animals are declining, with many at risk of extinction, highlighting the urgent need for global conservation efforts.

Christina Larson reports for The Associated Press.

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Marine microplastics nanoplastics pollution
Credit: Uladzimir Zuyeu/BigStock Photo ID: 431375807

Microplastics are the not-so-secret ingredient in marine snow

Particles of tiny, degraded plastics coated with biofilms sink to the seafloor, carrying carbon with them.
Thousands of oil and gas wastewater spills threaten property, groundwater, wildlife and livestock across Texas
Credit: Trudy E. Bell/FracTracker Alliance/Flickr

Thousands of oil and gas wastewater spills threaten property, groundwater, wildlife and livestock across Texas

From the Texon Scar to the Sabine River, produced water spills have impacted soil, contaminated water resources and killed wildlife. But the Railroad Commission of Texas has resisted new regulations.
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Ecuadorian Amazon oil pollution
Credit: Julien Gomba/Flickr

In the Ecuadorian Amazon, oil threatens decades of Indigenous-led conservation

Ecuador’s Socio Bosque project has been key to safeguarding the rainforest. Now, the country’s state-owned oil company is exploiting its many loopholes.