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TVA coal plant phaseout

Dismantling of TVA's Bull Run Fossil Plant raises concerns over waste

Environmental activists are concerned about hazardous waste transport in dismantling of the Tennessee Valley Authority's Bull Run Fossil Plant.
pyrolysis plants burning tires
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A plant proposed in Youngstown, Ohio, would have turned tons of tires into synthetic gas. Local officials said not so fast

The mayor and city council have enacted a one-year moratorium after the EPA raised multiple environmental justice concerns, from toxic air to hazardous waste.
Rising sea levels threaten hazardous waste facilities

Rising sea levels threaten hazardous waste facilities along U.S. coast

1.6 million tons of hazardous waste are stored at facilities that would be put at risk if sea levels rose by five or more feet compared to 2000 levels.
NM lawmakers talk PFAS ban

Lawmakers talk ban on 'forever chemicals' in New Mexico oil and gas

The proposed state rulemaking would not only ban use of the chemicals but force oil and gas companies to report all chemicals used in fracking fluids.

pennsylvania fracking hazardous waste toxics
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New Pennsylvania legislation aims to classify ‘produced water’ from fracking as hazardous waste

Katie Muth knew it would be a long shot. This January, the Pennsylvania state senator reintroduced three pieces of legislation aimed at closing loopholes in the laws governing how the oil and gas industry disposes of its solid and liquid waste, reports Jake Bolster for Inside Climate News.

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produced fracking water hazardous waste

New Pennsylvania legislation aims to classify ‘produced water’ from fracking as hazardous waste

The bills would also require gas drillers to test the toxicity of the wastewater, mine tailings and runoff from landfills. Waste from fracking in the state contains radioactive radium isotopes.

Pittsburgh pollution & justice

US Rep. and Catholic leaders in Pittsburgh say solutions to pollution intersect with other justice issues

Speakers at an Aug. 29 event at Duquesne University on  responses to pollution and climate change, newly elected U.S. Rep. Summer Lee, said pollution in the area is "better" but not good enough.