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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Photo by Satty Singh on Unsplash

Housing on Maui is scarce. Where will fire survivors go?

FEMAʻs recovery effort after the Maui wildfires in Hawaiʻi will be much harder than in the continental U.S.
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‘Nothing feels like enough’: surviving the heat in a New Mexico homeless encampment

Residents of Camp Hope in Las Cruces are more equipped to deal with the staggering heat than people living on streets, but residents and staff stress that it’s no substitute for housing.

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Wildfire smoke is just one more air pollution problem for homeless

As Canadian wildfire smoke inundated U.S. cities, people took shelter indoors. For homeless people, dangerous air quality is inescapable.
Kentucky flooding climate displacement

Ky. floodwaters receded six months ago. For many, the crisis goes on.

Months after the floods, some are living in state parks and debris hangs in trees. As more Americans are displaced from climate disasters, Kentucky shows the added difficulties when they strike in rural areas.
Toronto homelessness a public health crisis
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Calls grow to declare Toronto homelessness a public health crisis after extreme cold

Councillors in Toronto are set to consider keeping warming centres open 24-7 for the rest of the winter amid growing calls for homelessness to be declared a public health crisis in the city.