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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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The White House introduces a unified standard for zero-energy buildings
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Jane Goodall reflects on hope and youth's role in environmental activism

On her 90th birthday, Jane Goodall shares insights on environmental conservation, emphasizing the critical role of hope and youth activism in addressing climate change and biodiversity loss.

Rhett A. Butler reports for Mongabay.

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‘Hope has to be a strategy’: the scientist who refused to let the climate warmongers win

As one of Australia’s most influential voices on climate, Lesley Hughes has thought deeply about how to talk about the crisis and says hope has a key role to play.

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What's the best weapon against climate change? Hope

As young people battle anxiety over extreme weather and a foreboding future, scientists and advocates try a new message to ease worries—and help save the planet.

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Sean Illing: Should you have kids? And other questions about parenting and climate change

If you’re a parent — as I am — the climate predicament takes on an additional dimension. You have to wonder not just about the ethics of raising children in an unstable world.

The climate novelist who transcends despair

The climate novelist who transcends despair

Lydia Millet believes the natural world can help us become more human.
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6 ways to build resilience and hope into young people's learning about climate change

As they become more exposed to the grim realities of climate change, today’s teens and people in their 20s — an entire generation — are experiencing increased anxiety, grief, fear or guilt about the planet’s future as well as their own.

With climate despair on the rise, this Christian scientist says science isn’t enough

With climate despair on the rise, this Christian scientist says science isn’t enough

Rick Lindroth wants to help people get ‘re-enchanted with the earth’ so they can have hope.