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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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new mexico fracking wastewater recycling
Credit: Governor Jay Inslee/Flickr

New Mexico says it's moving ahead with governor's brackish water plan amid protests outside Capitol

Environmental and Indigenous groups say Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham's proposal to purchase treated water for industrial use amounts to a handout to the oil and gas industry.

PA public briefed on fracking health studies

Public briefed on fracking health studies, despite no-show from Pitt, DOH

Around 100 local residents came to a public forum in Washington County on two state-funded studies into fracking’s impact on public health Wednesday night. The forum was held despite the fact that none of the researchers working on the studies were present.

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Quick and dirty cash

Leaders from across the Americas are attending a summit this week in Los Angeles to discuss, among other things, how to build a sustainable future. One of the questions hanging over the meeting: Is there a place for oil and gas in that future?

oil gas drilling rig crops
Drilling rig at the edge of an agricultural field (Credit: Pixabay)

How the Ukraine war gave fracking in the U.K. a second chance

Russia’s invasion has disrupted the global energy market and led to higher prices across Europe. That has reopened the debate in Britain over shale gas extraction.
Loss of Russian oil leaves a void not easily filled, straining market

Loss of Russian oil leaves a void not easily filled, straining market

Global production will take time to ramp up, so the U.S. and other buyers will chase limited supplies, creating upheaval unseen in decades.
Paul Krugman: Joe Manchin versus West Virginia on climate and child care
Pennsylvania oil and natural gas revenue

Pennsylvania group wants $1.3 billion in state funds returned for conservation use

After two Pennsylvania Supreme Court victories, an emboldened environmental group is asking a court to force the state to return $1.3 billion in oil and natural gas revenue that the