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Floating Sargassum blobs growing
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Those seaweed blobs headed for Florida? See how big they are.

The amount of Sargassum drifting toward North America is a record for the month of March.
huge masses of sargassum are floating to Florida

Why huge masses of sargassum are floating to Florida and the Gulf

The great Atlantic Sargassum belt is a collection of sargassum patches that collectively weighs about 13 million tons and is large enough to be seen from space.
great Atlantic Sargassum belt

A giant blob of seaweed is heading to Florida

The mass, known as the great Atlantic Sargassum belt, is drifting toward the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists say seaweed is likely to come ashore by summer to create a rotting, stinking, scourge.
nonprofits cleaning up abandoned oil and gas wells
Well Done Foundation

The nonprofits cleaning up the oil and gas industry’s ‘dirty little secret’

More than a million abandoned wells are found throughout the country. Charities have popped up to help deal with the massive problem.

oil and gas pollution new mexico

Invisible and toxic in New Mexico

Pollution from oil and gas facilities can harm the health of those who live near them. That's disproportionately Indigenous people in NM, a new map shows.
steel-maker Nucor toxic sulfur pollution

EPA oversight sought on settlement with Nucor over toxic sulfur pollution that wasn't allowed

A handful of northern St. James Parish residents and environmental groups have asked federal regulators to sanction steel-maker Nucor over its history of pollution, claiming the state's watchdog won't take a hard enough line.