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Increasing emergency room visits due to heat illness in 2023

Increasing emergency room visits due to heat illness in 2023

Last year saw a significant rise in ER visits related to heat illnesses across the U.S., a CDC study finds.

Noah Weiland reports for The New York Times.

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Ecuador's Indigenous communities face pollution's heavy toll

Ecuador's Indigenous communities face pollution's heavy toll

In Ecuador, the Indigenous communities confront a grim reality as pollution and illness shadow their lives.

Gabriela Barzallo reports for palabra.

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alcohol consumption climate impacts

How climate change is fueling alcohol-related hospitalizations

Many studies have shown that climate change threatens alcohol production around the world, from vineyards in France to whiskey distilleries in Scotland. Now there’s alarming evidence that climate change affects hospitalizations for alcohol consumption, too.

great salt lake dust drought

Here’s what the Great Salt Lake’s dust is doing to our bodies

Dust pollution is the first problem to emerge from a desiccated terminal lake, said Kevin Perry, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Utah, and will be the last to be solved.

pollution toxics climate

Climate change: UN calls for radical changes to stem warming

The BBC's Matt McGrath describes a review of action on climate since the Paris agreement calling for an end to fossil fuels without carbon capture.

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heat stroke climate hospitals

With climate change, health care providers should be more mindful of heat-related illness, doctors say

As the planet warms and more of the United States faces record high temperatures and unprecedented levels of heat exposure, health care providers say now is the time for medical systems to be proactive.