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Supreme Court limits federal agencies' regulatory authority by overturning Chevron decision
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
US Steel pollution
2024 presidential debate climate
Faith-based advocates indigenous rights
Credit: Thomas Altfather Good/Flickr

Nuns push Wall Street for environmental justice through shareholder advocacy

Faith-based advocates urge Citibank to respect Indigenous rights.

Keerti Gopal reports for Inside Climate News.

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recovering america's wildlife act (rawa)
Credit: Lynn Friedman/Flickr

A renewed push for the Recovering America's Wildlife Act faces competition

The outcome of these legislative efforts is crucial for ensuring the protection and recovery of thousands of at-risk species across the U.S.

Erin X. Wong reports for High Country News.

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mine pollution international study
Credit: tinabelle/BigStock photo ID: 30407411

Canada and the US tackle mine pollution with an international study

After years of advocacy by the Ktunaxa Nation, Canada and the U.S. have agreed to an International Joint Commission inquiry into pollution from southeast B.C.'s Elk Valley coal mines.

Ainslie Cruickshank reports for The Narwhal.

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hazardous spills enforcement & oversight

British Columbia's handling of hazardous spills falls short, audit reveals

British Columbia's preparedness for hazardous spills is inadequate, with outdated response plans and insufficient compliance oversight, an audit finds.

Amanda Follett Hosgood and Andrew MacLeod report for The Tyee.

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Brazil Amazon & climate policy
Credit: Lula Oficial/Flickr

Optimism dries up in Amazon as Lula drifts from climate priorities

Brazil’s president inspired hope a year ago but approval of a new highway shows he remains a concrete-and-oil state builder.

renewable energy transmission corridors
Credit: Stephen Mellentine/Flickr

Tribes, environmental groups ask US court to block $10B energy transmission project in Arizona

A federal judge is being asked to issue a stop-work order on a $10 billion electricity transmission line slated to run through a remote southeastern Arizona valley.
florida miccosukee tribal conservation plan
Credit: Donna S/Flickr

Talbert Cypress: In Florida Everglades, our tribal conservation plan will end drilling in Big Cypress for good

The Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida has a plan to stop the drilling and protect the aquifer.