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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
US oil trade group challenges Biden administration's EV mandate in court
Trump anti-climate energy policies
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Impact of climate change on Indigenous communities documented in global study

Impact of climate change on Indigenous communities documented in global study

Indigenous and local communities' firsthand experiences with climate change are vividly detailed in a new extensive study.

Sonam Lama Hyolmo reports for Mongabay.

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Inuit app traditional Indigenous knowledge
Credit: Markus Trienke/Flickr

Inuit app SIKU blends traditional knowledge with tech for environmental tracking

An innovative app developed by Inuit communities, SIKU, is redefining the integration of traditional knowledge and scientific data to empower Indigenous groups across the Arctic in environmental monitoring and decision-making.

Hannah Hoag reports for Hakai Magazine.

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Indigenous Guardians arctic warming
Credit: Markus Trienke/Flickr

Indigenous Guardians protect their culture of cold in a heating world

Masked against the Arctic glare in orange-tinted sunglasses, Tad Tulurialik is a modern conservation “Guardian” of his fast-melting homeland.

Sámi knowledge helps developing climate policies

Sámi knowledge helps developing climate policies

Finland’s recently launched Sámi Climate Council aims to introduce new ways of making decisions in the Arctic. Perhaps this will urge decision-makers to avoid some of the controversies shaking up the public debates in other Nordic countries.
Indigenous seed collectors Brazil

Indigenous seed collectors grow a network of restoration across Brazil

The seed collector networks are the base of the ecological restoration chain and will play an essential role in enabling Brazil to reach its goal of restoring 12.5 million hectares (30.9 million acres) of native vegetation by 2030 — vital in the fight to avoid climate breakdown.

potato seed guardians of Peru

The seed guardians of Peru trying to save the potato

From potatoes to quinoa, many of our favourite foods are at risk from threats like climate change and disease. The "seed guardians" of Peru's Potato Park are hoping to change that.
Forests are worth more than their carbon

Forests are worth more than their carbon, a new paper argues

Experts say carbon sequestration projects that don’t prioritize biodiversity may be doing more harm than good, including to the climate.