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Extreme heat poses serious health risks to children, experts warn
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
30x30 environment goal
Tornado hotspots shifting from Plains to Southeast, raising risks
Seattle's innovative building electrification
Credit: Virrage Images/BigStock

Seattle takes innovative approach to building electrification amid legal challenges

Seattle is leading a wave of cities in electrifying buildings to cut emissions, despite legal obstacles hindering gas bans.

— Akielly Hu reports for Grist.

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wood-burning health impacts
Credit: Rich M/Flickr

The health cost of burning wood to warm homes

Experts say wood-burning is not cheaper or truly renewable and constitutes a major health risk.

new construction gas bans use & mods allowed

New York set to pass first U.S. law banning gas in new construction

New York's ban on gas hookups would take effect in 2026 for buildings under seven stories, say climate advocates. Taller buildings would be affected by 2029.
gas stove swap-out proposal

Heather Souvaine Horn: Finally, a gas stove proposal that cares about poor people

The District of Columbia City Council is considering a bill that will allow low- and moderate-income households to switch out their gas stoves—if they so choose—for free.
proposed ban on gas stoves

Ban gas stoves? Just the idea gets some in Washington boiling.

The nation’s top consumer watchdog agency raised concerns about indoor air pollution from gas stoves. A political firestorm ensued.
gas stoves pollute indoor air

After seeing how gas stoves pollute homes, these researchers are ditching theirs

Gas stoves produce more indoor air pollutants than even some scientists expected. After taking measurements, many of those researchers are installing electric stoves — and warning the public about the health risks of cooking with gas.