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refinery benzene
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
biodiversity resilience
proposed Chicago gas phaseout
Credit: J E Koonce/Flickr

Could Chicago be first major Midwestern city to give gas the boot?

A proposed ordinance to lower indoor emissions in new construction in Chicago could move fossil fuels out of new construction.
gas cooking vs induction

Are gas stoves dangerous? We tested against induction cooktops to find out.

The click of a gas stove igniting is the sound of dinner in millions of U.S. homes. But how safe are they? We tested them against induction cooktops to find out.
Berkeley's gas ban challenges

Berkeley, California, ambitious gas ban faces major setback, raising questions for similar initiatives nationwide

Berkeley's groundbreaking gas ban initiative has hit a major roadblock, leaving many wondering about the future of similar measures in other cities.

Akielly Hu reports for Grist.

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gas burner
Photo by Myko M on Unsplash

Berkeley's gas ban is all but dead. What does that mean for other cities?

Despite another defeat in court, experts say cities still have plenty of options for electrifying buildings.
gas bans & electrification
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A court struck down gas bans, so Seattle and other cities are getting creative

Amid an uncertain legal landscape, lawmakers are finding new ways to electrify buildings.
office window
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Why indoor air pollution can be just as deadly as wildfire smoke and coal plant smog

Household air pollution is a hidden source of death and illness and climate change seems to be making it worse.

gas burner stove
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Gas cookers pump out toxic particles linked to childhood asthma, report finds

Scientists find average levels of nitrogen dioxide almost twice as high in homes cooking with gas as in those cooking without.