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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Opinion: Feeding big agribusiness, starving Africans

Industrial agriculture has failed to eliminate food insecurity in Africa. It is time for a radically different approach.
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banks driving fossil fuel expansion

Banks pouring trillions to fossil fuel expansion in global south, report finds

Since the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, banks have provided some $3.2tn to the fossil fuel industry to expand operations
International lenders financing Brazilian agribusiness

International lenders continue pouring money into meat and dairy, despite climate promises

A new analysis shows that billions went to industrial livestock and grain companies, including a $200 million loan to a firm producing corn and soy in the heavily deforested Cerrado region of Brazil.

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Planet-friendly farming takes root in drought-hit Tunisia

Permaculture, as an alternative to industrial agriculture, aims to work in harmony with the environment, keep soil structures intact, and do without artificial inputs such as chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

methane emissions from dairy and meat

The Paris Agreement will fail without slashing methane emissions from dairy and meat, researchers say

A new study projects the Earth will warm by nearly 1 degree Celsius by 2100 from agricultural emissions alone, even if fossil fuel use is drastically reduced.

Black farmers take on Tyson Foods
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In West Tennessee, a group of Black farmers take on Tyson Foods

The Southern Environmental Law Center is suing the U.S. Department of Agriculture over farm subsidies provided to Tyson chicken farms.
Wisconsin town sued opposing factory farm pollution

A Wisconsin town tried to stop factory farm pollution. Then got sued.

A tiny town in Wisconsin faces a lawsuit from an industry heavyweight, a growing trend when citizens try to regulate CAFOs in their backyards.