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Judges' interpretations of the law significantly impact climate policy
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Houston tackles cleanup after Gulf Coast storm damages city
Earth stays above 1.5°C warming for a year
mexico water desalination
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Arizona, low on water, weighs taking it from the sea. In Mexico

A $5 billion plan to desalinate seawater in Mexico and pipe it to Phoenix is testing the notion that desert cities can keep growing as the Earth warms.
flooding building

Flood-battered Italian region may see more violent and frequent storms

Experts have linked recent deadly rains in the north of the country to climate change, but decades of urbanization and neglect helped lay the groundwork for a calamity.
Norway electric vehicle future
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In Norway, the electric vehicle future has already arrived

About 80 percent of new cars sold in Norway are battery-powered. As a result, the air is cleaner, the streets are quieter and the grid hasn’t collapsed. But problems with unreliable chargers persist.
unintended consequence of the Inflation Reduction Act
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Brett Christophers: The unfortunate, unintended consequence of the Inflation Reduction Act

The IRA will spur the takeover of our infrastructure by private entities, particularly large global asset managers, with likely negative consequences.
power grid & renewable revolution
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We desperately need a new power grid. Here’s how to make it happen.

To make renewable energy widely available, the United States needs a lot of new power lines. The nation is struggling to build them.
climate change could upend federal spending programs

Biden warns that climate change could upend federal spending programs

A chapter in the new Economic Report of the President focuses on the growing risks to people and businesses from rising temperatures, and the government’s role in adapting to them.
renewable energy hampered by grid
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Wind and solar energy projects risk overwhelming America’s antiquated electrical grids

An explosion in proposed clean energy ventures has overwhelmed the system for connecting new power sources to homes and businesses.