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Rep. Jamie Raskin probes oil companies over alleged Trump donation meeting
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's new grid rule deepens partisan divisions
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3 tips for warming your home that can save energy and help the planet

While major energy savings will come from plugging air leaks, improving insulation and upgrading outdated HVAC systems, there are additional steps you can take to ward off the chill.

energy efficiency
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With N.C. efficiency codes frozen, advocates eye other opportunities

With a statewide building code overhaul off the table until 2031, efficiency advocates look to federal tax credits and utility incentives to advance building efficiency in North Carolina.

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Airbnb will chip in for its hosts' green upgrades

People using Airbnb to book their Berkshires fall foliage getaway or summer escape to Cape Cod may arrive at a rental property that’s part of a new campaign to support hosts greening their homes.

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green energy building standards

Biden adopts new green building energy standards for housing

The Biden administration has announced a plan to adopt new building energy standards for homes built and financed by the federal government, a move that officials said will result in energy savings of more than 35% for families.

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Insulation needs, limited aid hold Mainers back from heat pumps

As fossil fuel costs remain high, the pressure is on for advocates and service providers to expand access to heat pumps and energy efficient home improvements.
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N.C. reconsiders energy code amid builder opposition

Facing fierce opposition from developers, the panel in charge of North Carolina’s building codes will weigh changes to its proposal for thicker insulation, more efficient lighting, and other energy-saving features in new homes.

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Turn your charming old house into an energy-efficient home

If your house is more than 30 years old, it may be due for an energy upgrade.