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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Wildfires and the invasive species fueling them across the US

Wildfires and the invasive species fueling them across the US

In an increasingly warmer world, wildfires are not just a western issue but a nationwide concern, exacerbated by nonnative plants.

Kylie Mohr reports for Vox.

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Extreme weather helping invasive species replace native species, study finds

A new analysis published this weeksuggests that extreme weather linked to climate change might be much harder on native species than on nonnative ones.

dangerous environmental tipping points

Can dangerous environmental tipping points be averted?

Solutions need to be implemented before climate, food and water systems are tipped beyond the point of recovery, says a United Nations University report.
Haida Gwaii
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‘Crabs everywhere’: Off Canada’s Pacific coast, Indigenous Haida fight a host of invasive species

The unique wildlife of Haida Gwaii’s 150 islands is under attack by invasive crabs, rats and deer – echoing how local people also became vulnerable to outside forces.

Chum salmon Arctic spawning

Chum salmon are spawning in the Arctic. It’s an ominous sign

The fish may be a harbinger of dramatic warming in the north—and rapidly transforming ecosystems.
redonda's biodiversity transformation

Redonda: Tiny Caribbean island’s transformation to wildlife haven

Once a desolate rock, the island of Redonda is now a protected area bursting with biodiversity.
goats & wildfire mitigation resilience

The goats fighting fires in Los Angeles

Grazing goats are becoming a common sight in Los Angeles – can they really prevent ever bigger, fiercer wildfires?