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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Top Mississippi Republicans support new EV battery plant despite Trump’s criticism
Large corporations successfully block shareholder climate proposals
World on brink of surpassing critical climate threshold, UN warns

World on brink of surpassing critical climate threshold, UN warns

The United Nations cautions that imminent climate targets may be breached, with global temperatures predicted to exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius, urging immediate action to mitigate severe future impacts.

Damian Carrington reports for The Guardian.

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France used 10% less electricity last winter; 3 lessons to fight climate change

Measures that help people use less energy at home, while traveling or at work could significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions, according to the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
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How climate change affects health in Africa

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, tens of millions of Africans are already feeling the negative health impacts of climate change, in the form of heat stress, extreme weather and increased transmission of infectious disease.

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The science we need to assess marine carbon dioxide removal

As companies begin selling credits for marine carbon dioxide removal in largely unregulated marketplaces, scientists must develop standards for assessing the effectiveness of removal methods.
global group takes on misinformation

With climate panel as a beacon, global group takes on misinformation

A group of scholars introduced an international panel to study the digital information landscape, inspired by those who had been warning of the effect of global warming.
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How will climate change affect Latin America? Scientists respond to IPCC report

In the first three months of 2023, Latin America has witnessed a prolonged drought and destructive forest fires in Chile, intense rains and floods in Brazil that left more than 60 dead and Cyclone Yaku and heavy rains and mudslides in Peru, among other extreme events that experts say are becoming more frequent and severe due to global warming.

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Canada wants more Indigenous knowledge in IPCC climate reports

In closing remarks at the March IPCC meeting, Canadian delegates highlighted the importance of Indigenous peoples and stressed the need to incorporate Indigenous knowledge from the start of the next reporting process.