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Trump anti-climate energy policies
EU nations push to preserve biodiversity laws

EU nations push to preserve biodiversity laws

Eleven EU countries, spearheaded by Ireland, advocate for the ratification of pivotal biodiversity restoration laws, aiming for legislative success within the month.

Lisa O'Carroll reports for The Guardian.

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ferns growing in forest
Photo by Glen Farrelly on Unsplash

Balancing the benefits and costs of reforestation

When it comes to managing woodlands to meet multiple needs, Irish activists underscore the importance of considering the forest as well as the trees.

Air pollution in Ireland linked to premature deaths at ‘concerning’ level in urban areas, report finds
Photo by NIR HIMI on Unsplash

Air pollution in Ireland linked to premature deaths at ‘concerning’ level in urban areas, report finds

Ireland met European Union legal air quality limits in 2022 but did not meet more stringent health-based World Health Organisation guidelines for pollutants including particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and ozone due mainly to burning of solid fuel and heavy road traffic in cities.

ireland climate mudslides flash floods
Photo by Nils Nedel on Unsplash

Call for early warning system as climate change makes mudslides, wildfires and flash floods more common

Ireland will have to make significant investment in specialised systems to warn of extreme weather events such as flash floods, mudslides and even wildfires as a consequence of climate change, it has been warned.
ireland climate impacts biodiversity

Rare native Irish plants will become extinct as climate change alters habitats

Rare native plants will become extinct and non-native deer will increase across Ireland under the influence of climate change.
rewilding ireland ecological health

Call of the rewild: restoring ecological health to the Emerald Isle

Centuries of overgrazing and deforestation have eliminated most native flora in Ireland, creating what ecologists see as a man-made desert in places. A growing “rewilding” push aims to change that.
marine heatwave atlantic ocean north sea

‘Unheard of’ marine heatwave off UK and Irish coasts poses serious threat

The Met Office said global sea surface temperatures in April and May reached an all-time high for those months, according to records dating to 1850, with June also on course to hit record heat levels.