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Heat waves threaten power grid stability with potential blackouts
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Global heating will pass 1.5C threshold this year, top ex-Nasa scientist says

James Hansen says limit will be passed ‘for all practical purposes’ by May though other experts predict that will happen in 2030s.

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Is global warming accelerating? Experts can't agree

One of modern climate science's pioneers is warning that the world isn't just steadily warming but is dangerously accelerating, according to a study that some other scientists call a bit overheated.

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James Hansen is back with another dire climate warning

In a new paper, the influential climate scientist argues the Earth may be more sensitive to greenhouse gases than previously thought. Others are less sure.
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‘We are damned fools’: Scientist who sounded climate alarm in 80s warns of worse to come

The world is shifting towards a superheated climate not seen in the past 1m years, prior to human existence, because “we are damned fools” for not acting upon warnings over the climate crisis, according to James Hansen, the US scientist who alerted the world to the greenhouse effect in the 1980s.

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James Hansen warns of a short-term climate shock bringing 2 degrees of warming by 2050

The famed researcher publicly released a preliminary version of a paper-in-progress with grim predictions of short- and long-term warming, but not all climate scientists agree with its conclusions.

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Big Oil’s trade group allies way outspend clean energy groups

You've probably seen ads promoting gas and oil companies as the solutions to climate change. They're meant to be inspiring and hopeful, with scenes of a green, clean future. But shiny ads are not all these companies do to protect their commercial interests in the face of a rapidly heating world.

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James Hansen: Are western farmers benefitting from socialism? Can it last?

The Western dream of farming is made possible by socialism, but can it continue in this climate crisis?