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permafrost melt orange rivers
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Big Oil bankrolling Trump
Heat waves threaten power grid stability with potential blackouts
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‘Stressed jellyfish’ reveal dangers of seabed mining

An experiment with a common jellyfish has revealed the potential harm of seabed mining on creatures in the deep.
coral bleaching

Extreme heat is taking a toll in this Florida bay

After enduring record summer ocean temperatures, anemones, sponges, and jellyfish throughout the Florida Everglades are showing signs of bleaching.
jellyfish increase as waters warm

Early start to deadly stinger season as nets begin to roll out across north Queensland

As reports of stings increase,  nets are being rolled out across Far North Queensland ahead of what experts warn will be perfect conditions for jellyfish.
jellyfish plankton climate impacts

Jellyfish alert: Increased sightings signal dramatic changes in ocean food web due to climate change

Plankton, some of the smallest organisms on Earth, are leading big changes in the ocean.
jellyfish epidemic climate marine ecosystems

Climate change creates ideal conditions for jellyfish to breed in Israel

In Israel, rising water temperatures are creating the ideal conditions for swarms of jellyfish and costing the tourism industry $10 million in lost revenue.

 East Australian Current warming

What will a warming East Australian Current change along the way?

Scientists say the East Australian Current is stronger than they anticipated and an enormous amount of warm water is flooding south. So what does that mean for our oceans?
global warming climate impacts biodiversity

Trillions of sailing jellyfish wash ashore after warm winters

After a warm winter, as many as trillions of by-the-wind sailor jellyfish strand on beaches. Observations from citizen scientists over 20 years explain why.