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Tornado patterns shift due to climate change, experts advise on preparation

Tornado patterns shift due to climate change, experts advise on preparation

Climate change is altering tornado patterns in the U.S., leading experts to offer new preparation strategies for these unpredictable storms.

Cinnamon Janzer reports for the BBC.

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Scorching heat and Canada wildfires could be tied to ‘wavy, blocky’ jet stream

Scientists say a closely watched atmospheric pattern — the jet stream — is behind both the Canadian wildfires and the scorching heat in Texas, raising questions about how it shapes extreme weather events and whether climate change is disrupting its flow.

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Video examines issues involving jet stream role in extreme weather

Turn on practically any storm-driven local TV weather forecast these days, and chances are you’ll encounter more and more references to the “jet stream.” But why?

climate impacts weather wind jet stream

It blows both ways - how wind affects climate change

Throughout the globe, climate change is causing shifts in existing wind systems - with devastating consequences.

wavenumber 5 weather climate impacts jet stream

How is the jet stream connected to simultaneous heat waves across the globe?

The deadly heat waves that have fueled blazes and caused transport disruptions in Europe, the U.S. and China this month have one thing in common: a peculiar shape in the jet stream dubbed “wavenumber 5.”

What’s behind Europe's heat waves?

What’s behind Europe's heat waves?

This year’s scorching weather is in keeping with a trend. Scientists say a number of factors, including changes in the jet stream, are in play.
northeast climate heat drought

Northeast enjoys blissfully mild summer as Plains and South bake

The nice weather in the Northeast has come at a cost. Because it has remained north of the storm track, very little precipitation has fallen. Moderate to severe drought has developed from eastern Connecticut through southern Maine.