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Unilever CEO sees crisis as new normal for industry

Unilever chief executive Alan Jope said on Tuesday that consumer goods companies should get used to the idea of "crisis being more or less the new normal" as they fight soaring inflation, climate change and a global food crisis.
al gore climate politics
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Al Gore: China could surprise the world at Glasgow climate talks

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore is hopeful China and the United States will set aside their differences at U.N. climate change talks in Glasgow, just as they came together in 2015 to help hammer out the Paris Agreement.
rolls royce emissions
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Rolls-Royce outlines plans for net zero emissions by 2050

Britain's Rolls-Royce, which makes engines for planes and ships, outlined plans to reach net zero emissions by 2050 through investing more in decarbonising technologies and, in the short term, using more sustainable aviation fuel.
health systems hospital climate emissions

Health systems urged to develop green cure for fast-rising emissions

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities worldwide can prepare better for both climate change and future pandemics by adopting green technology and cutting planet-heating emissions from their operations and supply chains, health experts say.

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Countries must cut emissions this decade to avoid climate disaster later: Britain

Countries will have to start delivering on emissions-reduction targets during the 2020s, rather than later, to avoid devastation from climate change, the British president of the upcoming COP26 climate summit says.

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Italy to keep issuing green bonds, says economy minister

Economy Minister Daniele Franco said on Tuesday that Italy would continue to issue bonds to raise income for policies to fight climate change and to raise awareness about the importance of the issue.
climate impacts summer heat
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Europe could experience warmer than normal April-June, says Weather Company

Recent climate trends and models suggest cool, wet and windy conditions across northern and western Europe and hot and dry conditions in southern-eastern Europe.